YITU provides first-class deep learning algorithm to offer wide range of face recognition solutions for all sectors. Advances in technology, such as cloud computing, distributed system and data analysis, have created a solid foundation to orchestrate a robust smart city ecosystem that responds to a variety of security, management, livelihood and business needs.
YITUs intelligent security technologies include artificial intelligence algorithms, high performance computing, distributed computing and storage and large-scale operation and maintenance. Among these features visual intelligence algorithm covers facial recognition, vehicle identification, text recognition, target tracking and feature-based image retrieval.

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YITU Dragonfly Eye™ Intelligent Security System

YITU Dragonfly Eye Generic portrait platform, built upon proprietary face recognition technology, can be used for static facial detection as well as dynamic facial detection and comparison of video stream. It has now been widely applied to public security systems in many provinces in China and is currently being tested in the Middle East.
YITU's Dynamic Portrait System is designed for face recognition under dynamic video streams. It incorporates such functions as face retrieval and recognition, real-time surveillance, and passers-by tracking and enquiry

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